About Me


My name is Alexandra but those close to me have always called me Sasha. I grew up in communist Czechoslovakia as a child who was drawn to arts, both performing and visual. My seed of passion for photography was planted when my father bought a Russian made Zenith camera from a door-to-door salesman. He would then develop his photos in the pitch-black darkness of the windowless bathroom in our tiny flat mid-way up a high rise, my eyes peeking through the tiny crack at the bottom of the door. (and no, I couldn’t see anything) I was smitten by the fact that he was able to put images on a piece of film that would otherwise be blank. And then, those often unintelligible blobs on a negative film would magically translate into pictures on a paper photo. Amazing! I was sixteen when he let me use his camera on my trip to Saratov, Russia. That’s when the seed started growing.

The seed matured into a flower when I made the decision to stay at home with my children. I left the busyness of the business world behind and let the cogs of life slow down in order to give room for my children.

This is when my life came around full circle.  I returned to what I was most passionate about as a child: art. With my husband as my biggest cheerleader and my children as my incessant muse, I threw myself into the world of portrait photography. It is a journey that brought me to know many human stories  bringing a perspective to my own.  

In my work I strive to get to know my clients and to tailor their pictures to their specific need. There would be no point for me to go out and shoot a bunch of photos if I couldn’t convey an emotion I feel from hearing the narratives of their lives.  I hope I can capture yours, too!


I would like to thank my friend and photographer Ivan Sedlák for taking my profile photo.